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Lean Finely Textured Beef (referenced as pink slime in media) March 15, 2012 Consumer Notice Most ground beef has a small amount of boneless lean beef trimmings.  Our meat processors, Cargill, Miller Beef, and Moran’s do not use ammoniated meat products in the production of fresh ground beef for the stores of Save Mart Supermarkets.  They abide by all regulatory requirements and all ground beef is tested for E. coli before leaving the plant. Save Mart Supermarkets also...
Lean finely textured beef (LFTB) is a category of beef products that uses hightechnologyfood processing equipment to separate lean meat from fat because doing it by handwould be impossible. LFTB products prevent the waste of valuable, lean, nutritious, safe, beefby using technology to do what hands cannot. Unfortunately, recent media reports and so‐called “reality” shows have raised concernsabout the product without the benefit of facts from those that produce or use it....
  News Release - Lucky Supermarkets Engages in Comprehensive Consumer Protection: Update on Credit/Debit Card Readers in Lucky Self-Checkout Terminals MODESTO, Calif., Dec. 20, 2011 — Lucky Supermarkets continues to engage in a comprehensive effort to protect our shoppers against a recently uncovered high-tech credit/debit card skimming activity. To date all financial institutions serving customers possibly affected have been alerted to closely monitor customer accounts for...
  Affected Lucky Store Locations Stores with compromised self-checkout credit/debit card readers: Lucky- Pinole Lucky- Milpitas Lucky- Mountain View Lucky- Redwood City Lucky- El Cerrito Lucky- Daily City Lucky- Foster City Lucky- San Carlos Lucky- Millbrae Lucky- Alameda Lucky- Sunnyvale Lucky- Novato Lucky- Union City Lucky- San Leandro on 1300 Fairmont Drive Lucky- Santa Clara on 234 Saratoga Ave. Lucky- San Francisco on 1515 Sloat Blvd. Lucky- Hayward on 25151 Santa Clara...
Frequently Asked Questions – Updated Dec. 20, 2011 What do you know so far? What has the investigation revealed? Local, state, and federal authorities continue investigating. Currently, all the tampered card readers have been sent to the Secret Service for evaluation. We hope to know soon the timeframe that the credit/debit card readers contained an illegal skimming device. This is an ongoing criminal investigation and we are closely following law enforcement instructions on what...
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