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09/18/2013, By: Lucky Supermarkets

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From harvest to home, fresh produce is always our goal. Thanks to the local farms that provide our fruits and vegetables, we are able to offer the season’s freshest produce.


California’s Central Valley is one of the richest agricultural regions in the world, and we are fortunate that all our stores are just a short ride away. The proximity of farm to store is what makes our motto, “Fresh Comes First”, possible.


This proximity has also allowed us to build relationships with the farmers and families to ensure that we are getting the season’s best selections. From strawberries to carrots, our customers can confidently stock their kitchen with their favorite fruits and vegetables knowing they are the freshest available.


To celebrate our love for fresh produce, we got a little creative.


Driscoll’s berries get from farm to store in a flash.


Enjoy the journey from the Summeripe farm.


Our trucks don’t have to carry our carrots long from Grimmway Farms.

Watch as watermelons from local Perry and Sons farm journey to our store.


Taylor Farms is so close, in a snap, their snap peas can appear in our store!


For more videos, follow us on Vine @Lucky Supermarkets.

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