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05/01/2012, By: LeAnna Jean

Lucky Supermarkets is passionate about providing fresh, high quality foods to our customers. So much in fact, that it has become priority in our business- “Fresh Comes First!”

For produce, the journey from the farm to table is often a long one.  This is not a challenge for our supermarkets. Our warehouses are located in the Central Valley, close to major farming areas…our growers. In the summertime most of our produce is grown within 100 miles of our warehouses and 90% of our produce is locally grown in CA, just a day’s ride from farm to warehouse. Safety and quality inspections are important to ensure product freshness— all produce is checked five times or more for quality and freshness. Then store produce experts check and rotate items throughout the day. Fresh is always on our shelves! We deliver to the stores six to seven days per week and our corporate buying team only buys what we need to ensure freshness. Save Mart’s produce standards are higher than the USDA, it’s our priority to provide fresh!

Our priority for freshness doesn’t just stand in produce alone; our meat department provides MasterCut Aged Tender Beef that is hand-cut every day. Our stores have professionally trained meat experts to help you pick out the perfect cut or meat variety. They will also hand-cut something special upon request.

Our bakery department bakes fresh breads and cookies several times a day. The deli provides “prepared fresh daily” salads, sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, and hot food items for entrees and side dishes!

While strolling up and down our center store isles, you’ll notice clean fully stocked shelves, free from damaged packages and out of date products. Fresh is important throughout the store!  We provide fresh products for you by checking code dates on products daily, rotating product, and keeping the shelves full. You’ll also notice our new Nutrition ID tags on the shelves. This makes it much easier for you to find healthy choices throughout the store.

In the journey to bring food to your table, we go the extra mile! We care that your family has the freshest food, that’s both tasty and good for you!  At Lucky Supermarkets, fresh comes first!

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