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04/17/2012, By: Save Mart

Today we have a guest post by Johnathan Jones, manager at the Blue Shield Store in San Francisco.


When do you think about your health? Studies show that many people think about it when they’re at the grocery store deciding what to put in their carts or make for dinner. That’s why we felt a supermarket was an excellent opportunity to provide easy access to wellness.


The Blue Shield Store inside the Lucky at Fulton & Masonic is open to the entire community, not just our own members. Since you’re probably shopping in Lucky’s at least once or twice a week, it’s convenient to take an extra step toward a healthier you or a healthier family. For instance:


  • Perplexed about how to decipher food labels? We offer a private Nutrition class with a registered nurse to help you understand the components of a balanced diet and she can even shop the aisles with you.


  • Still struggling with those extra pounds from the holidays? Summer is right around the corner and our Weight Management class can guide you to a solid action plan, or if you need a little more help, we’ve got an 8-week Weight Management & Nutrition course.


  • Anxiety depriving you of sleep? Check out our Stress Management session and learn how changes in your diet (the food-mood connection) can reduce stress and how to recognize and control other tension triggers in your life.


  • Celebrating a new decade? Our Women’s Wellness or Healthy Aging classes can teach you what preventive tests you need, what changes you can expect in your body, and how to develop strategies to reduce your risk of developing many common conditions.


Our visitors can also get a free discrete biomeasure reading on our state-of-the-art BMI machine, or take it a step further with a complete Healthy Profile for a personal consultation of your health habits and important numbers such as your cholesterol. All of our health and wellness services are offered by trusted medical professionals from Summit Health.


We’re proud to partner with Lucky and provide you access to convenient, personalized, trusted health advice in your own backyard.

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